Hot H'orderves

per 50 pieces


barbeque/swedish meatballs

buffalo wings

toasted ravioli w marinara sauce

mini quiche

vegetable quesadillas


jerked chicken quesadillas

buffalo tenders w honey mustard


crab rangoon

general tso chicken

vegetable egg roll with spicy mustard

stuffed mushroom caps (sausage)


maryland lump crab cake

bacon wrapped scallops

shrimp won ton


baby lamb chop w mint sauce





Cold H'orderves

per 50 pieces






assorted petit fours

assorted canapes




jumbo shrimp on ice w/ cocktail sauce

aparagus wrapped in prosciutto


Domestic Cheese:

pepper jack, swiss. and cheddar

fruit garnish

assorted wafer crackers

25-50 guests     $150

50-75 guests     $225

75-100 guests   $275

​fresh carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, bell peppers

dill dip & ranch dip


25-50 guests     $125

50-75 guests     $200

75-100 guests   $250


Fresh Fruit

cantaloupe, honeydew melon,

strawberries, and pineapple 

fruit dipping sauce


25-50 guests     $125

50-75 guests     $200

75-100 guests   $250


​all carved items require a chef

one chef per guest $75

all items served with a baby croissant

Chili Rub Salmon   $125  

serves 30

capers, red onions, sliced lemon disc

Smoked Turkey Breast   $175  

serves 40

dijonaise sauce


Honey Baked Ham   $150  

serves 70

stone ground mustard, dijonaise

Beef Tenderloin   $175  

serves 20

au jus, horseradish mousse

Rosemary Garlic Roast Pork Loin  $125

serves 30

hoison sauce








Strawberry Spiced Walnut

spring mix seasoned with walnuts, mandarin oranges, strawberries, and sweet onion vinaigrette



romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, home made croutons, and creamy ceasar dressing


Tossed Garden

mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, juliette cucumbers, and a wine vinaigrette


add charge for tenderloin and brisket

two entrees- 18

three entrees- 20


Chicken Entrees



mushroom reduction

Beef Entrees

tenderloin with pepper sauce

smoked briskets

Salmon Entrees

seared with dill her butter

broiled with beurre blanc sauce

Pork Entrees

rosemary garlic butter and parmesan

pan seared medallions w/ calvacios sauce


Tilapia Entrees

herbed garlic butter and parmesan